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swc_angelinascarlotta College mostly maintains virtual mental health resources Dick’s House Counseling Center, Mental Health Union and Student Wellness Center offer a hybrid of virtual and in-person services. by Angelina Scarlotta / The Dartmouth Senior Staff Mental health resources on campus continue to offer remote services due to the accessibility of digital support and concerns about COVID-19.  Although the vast majority of classes are now being held in-person , these details Dick’s House Counseling Center director Heather Earle wrote in an emailed statement that 60% of students continue to access counseling over Zoom. Earle added that digital counseling can expand the geographic scope of resources for students in need of help.  “If a student is looking for a counselor in the community, the geographic area opens up widely with Zoom,” she wrote. “A licensed counselor anywhere in the state of NH could conduct therapy with a student.”  Typically, the Counseling Center refers students to outside counselors for long term care if needed after an initial phone or Zoom triage appointment. Some 25-28% of students will engage with the Counseling Center during their time at Dartmouth, Earle wrote.   The main reason that students choose to continue with Zoom counseling, Earle wrote, tends to be due to concerns about COVID-19. She added that though some students focus better during in-person counseling and find it easier to “open up,”  others find Zoom more convenient. Dartmouth Mental Health Union peer support program co-director Pulkit Nagpal ’23 said that remote peer support checks can remove the stigma associated with mental health and allow students to avoid a walk across campus. He noted that six days per week, trained MHU peer counselors are available over Zoom or in person to consult with students.  Before the pandemic, the MHU supported about one student every two weeks, Nagpal said.


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BMW cuts east German working hours to same as west A logo of German luxury carmaker BMW is seen in Munich, Germany, March 20, 2019. REUTERS/Michael Dalder BERLIN, Nov 5 (Reuters) - BMW will cut working hours at its east German plant from 38 to 35, in line with its west German factories, it said on Friday, in a move welcomed by the works council as bringing long-awaited equality 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Salaries and working hours remain uneven between western and eastern Germany, with government data showing eastern German workers continue to work slightly longer hours for less money than their western counterparts. BMW (BMWG.DE) committed on Friday to reducing the working week at its plant in Leipzig, part of former Communist East Germany, in three stages to 35 hours by 2026, and bringing on 300 additional employees to make up the shortfall. "More than 30 years after the fall of the wall, our BMW Group workers finally do not have to work three more hours than their colleagues in the west," works council head Manfred Schoch said. Rival Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) made a similar move in May, implementing a 35-hour working week at its east German plants to match west German working hours. However, it did not hire additional workers, instead expecting east German plants to boost productivity. Reporting by Christina Amann Writing by Victoria Waldersee and Mark Potter