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28,000 square feet of climbing and fitness space now open in the heart of the Loop CHICAGO — It’s all about upwards and outwards at First Ascent indoor climbing gym. It opened its doors in Block 37 in 2017 and recently expanded from about 11,000 square feet to just over 28,000 square feet that inhabit the entire western half of the fourth floor. New amenities include expanded locker rooms, a large open-format fitness area that blends into the additional climbing space, social spaces with seating, a co-working space, and a ping pong table. “Climbing is an awesome workout, but it’s the sort of workout that doesn’t feel like a workout,” co-founder Dan Bartz said. “While you’re doing it you’re having fun, you’re moving and problem-solving with your body while hanging out with other people.” The crown jewel of the space is more than 15,000 square feet worth of bouldering terrain, giving visitors plenty of options for a climbing fix. T he space is open to all climbing levels and they have a knowledgeable staff to help the inexperienced or the most seasoned climber.

FacebookEmail Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Prosecutors in Detroit uncover massive money-laundering operation between U.S. and Dubai A forfeiture complaint unsealed Thursday alleges some of the money was used to buy armored vehicles for a Michigan drug trafficking operation. Prosecutors in Detroit uncover massive money-laundering operation between U.S. and Dubai A forfeiture complaint unsealed Thursday alleges some of the money was used to buy armored vehicles for a Michigan drug trafficking operation. Check out this story on A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — It's been more than a week since t hree young boys were found abandoned in a Houston-area apartment with their dead brother whose body was decomposing in another room.  There are still so many unanswered questions in this case, but the biggest question on everyone's mind — how can I help? In northwest Houston resides a non-profit business called Oak Forest Foster Closet . It's a place where people taking in children from the CPS system can come for supplies. “I will say that that story that you guys talked about was probably the worst that I’ve ever heard of but we have kids every single week that have one aspect of that story, whether it be neglect or hunger," said Nicole Aboudaher, Founder of the Oak Forest Foster Closet. Aboudaher and her husband have two biological kids and ended up adopting three children out of foster care. "We decided we were done with that road but we still wanted to help somehow," she said. From her own experience as a foster mom driving to the suburbs for supplies, she started the Oak Forest Foster Closet to meet the need in the city of Houston. Since opening in February, she's kept track of 550 visits from caseworkers to foster families with kids in tow. “We always need underwear, socks, new is wonderful but we do take very good used condition, and big kids shoes is one of our biggest consistent needs.” index Each shoe, a reminder of each child out there, who needs a little light during their darkest days. “Having an awareness that it does happen, that it does go on, that there are kids that do not have their needs meet on a daily basis and to be able to help fill those needs here at the closet is wonderful," she said. Aside from all the material needs, one of their biggest requests is for volunteers.

Byron Keith Shirey, accused of killing his father Charles Shirey in 2017. (WAFF) - Forensic science and bank accounts were front and center in a Jackson County murder trial on Wednesday for a man who is accused of killing his father. Bryon Shirey allegedly killed 78-year old Charles Shirey in Dutton, in 2019. Two years before that, investigators said Byron called 911 on May 24 and told the operator that he found his father dead on the floor, inside his home. Due to a lack of evidence, Byron was able to leave the scene click here! and was not charged until two years later. In court, forensic scientists with the Alabama Department of Forensic Science testified that Charles was hit 18 times, in the head with an object and at least 17 times on his right arm and side. As a result, he died from blunt force trauma. Another forensic scientist took the stand and stated that hair follicles were found at the scene, tested, but they could not confirm any DNA linking Byron to the scene. Next, a manager from Jackson Farmers CO-Op took the stand. He said both Charles and Byron had separate accounts with the company and purchased materials for their farms.