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However, this trickle of fuel only served to show how the country is at the mercy of the gangs. For over two months, the gangs that control Port-au-Prince have blocked roads leading to oil terminals and have interrupted fuel deliveries by abducting truck drivers. This has almost completely halted the supply to gas stations. On October 27, Haiti’s interior minister, Liszt Quitel, rallied police officers to create a corridor for fuel trucks to reach the port of Port-au-Prince. Quitel’s convoy was met with automatic weapons fire, and the drivers refused to proceed. In recent days, a senior business figure appeared to lay bare the demands made by Haiti’s leading gang boss, Jimmy Chérizier, alias “Barbecue,” to lift the blockade set up around the country’s port and gas infrastructure. Speaking to the Associated Press , Youri Mevs, a political strategist whose family owns the country’s largest industrial park, Shodecosa, said Chérizier demanded that $500,000 be paid every month to his G9 gang alliance. Should this be refused, the park would be ransacked, and the port terminal owned by the Mevs family, Terminal Varreux, where a lot of gas is imported, see this here would continue to be blockaded. SEE ALSO: Profile of Jim my Chérizier, alias 'Barbecue' Chérizier, who regularly speaks to the international press, has categorically denied the claim, returning to a familiar refrain in which he is a man of the people, standing up for the rights of the underprivileged.


Ask them how many times they've had coffee with each other. Ask them how many of them know each other's wives or children or what their pleasures are, as far as sports or recreation?” Manchin said. “Why don't we find out who we are? Why don’t we talk to each other rather than talking through and over?” he added. Manchin and Berman were discussing a moment on the Senate floor on Wednesday when the senator was spotted talking to his moderate colleague Sen. Kyrsten Sineman (D-Ariz.), in addition to Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell John Randolph Thune Manchin decries 'hostile' political environment 'An earthquake': GOP rides high after Democrats' Tuesday shellacking Democrats hit panic button after Virginia collapse MORE (S.D.). Asked what the huddle was about, Manchin said he always “talk[s] to everybody,” adding “I always talk to my Republican friends, finding if there’s a pathway forward on anything.” Tensions between both parties have been high as lawmakers spar over Biden's agenda, with Democrats holding a slim majority in Congress. Circumstances reached a boiling point in September over raising the debt ceiling and funding the government, both of which were eventually achieved on a temporary basis.


Demand for many hot work-at-home jobs is growing at double and triple-digit rates. Many home buyers are still uncomfortable touring homes in person, for example. Thus, real estate brokers increasingly offer “virtual” home tours. And, while restaurants are largely open for in-person dining again, many have shifted to digital menus. Of course, it’s tough to view a poster-sized menu on a 6-inch smartphone screen. So many restaurants are redesigning their bills of fare to improve the digital experience. Meanwhile, demand for remote accountants, administrators, tech experts, writers, human resource managers and experts in healthcare, project management and education is also strong, according to FlexJobs , a curated job board for remote work. Demographic trends explain part of this. After all, the massive baby boom generation has largely hit retirement age, resulting in a shortage of experienced workers across the labor force. But the pandemic, which closed schools and left parents scrambling for child care, made the labor shortage worse. And many schools still regularly test children for COVID and shut down at the first sign of infection.